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27 Oct 2021

When searching for offices for rent in Singapore, it is essential that the rental rates quoted are accurate and up to date. Our building rental table is updated daily and only shows gross rents, and are inclusive of service charge - so there are no hidden extras.

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Click on Building for more information
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^B1/ Business Park Building

When searching for Singapore office rental opportunities, it is essential the office rental rates quoted are accurate, up to date and do not hide any hidden extras, such as service charge or the cost of running independent air-conditioning. The rates that we quote for all office space for rent are official asking rents and are gross rates inclusive of service charge, so no hidden extras.

Most commercial property for rent in Singapore is leased on a net lettable area but occasionally offices for rent are leased on a gross area basis, that sometimes includes a corridor contribution if the floor has been subdivided. The landlord would otherwise lose out on rent on space lost to create the passageway, so some tenants are charged for part of the passageway pro rata to the size of their unit. GST is nearly always charged on commercial space for lease but this can be set off against GST the tenant receives.

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