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Office Market Review Archive


It can often be useful to check the history of Singapore office rental rates, as well as previous office leasing transactions, to spot trends and predict future office rental patterns.

When looking into commercial property for rent, particularly office space for rent, it is important to determine what part of the commercial property cycle you are in at any given moment, as this can influence the timing of when to start to find offices for rent.

This is why this Market Research Archive Page is so important. Many office tenants like to check the pattern of office rental rates for a particular building over several years – this maybe checking their current building or looking for office locations that have seen less oscillation/ fluctuations in rates over a period of time.

Dips in the commercial office market often occur when a seismic worldwide/regional events happen, such as the stock market financial crash of Black Monday in October 1987, the Asian Financial Crisis in 1996, the Dotcom crash in 2002 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. It is useful to know when was the last fall in the market occurred and by how much did it last, as well as the average gap between peaks. So when the need to search for offices for rent arises, it will be important to conduct proper research into the Singapore Office Market.