How it works

The commission we pay for successful referrals is based on 15% of our commission, which is one month’s rent.

Outlined below is a table of sample monthly rents, and the corresponding 15% commission.

Monthly Rental Typical Referral Fee*
S$12,000 S$1,800
S$20,000 S$3,000
S$50,000 S$7,500

*where standard one month commission is paid

Terms & Conditions

Doesn’t need to be a formal introduction
Just a name will do

We will confirm your referral acceptance within 24 hours.

Referral fees are paid on all deals we successfully conclude, and are paid in cash (from whatever commission we receive) - within one week of our account being settled. This is typically 9 - 12 months.

  • Must be an independent third party referral ie. arms-length referral, it can’t be your current employer.
  • Must be a company we are not already servicing. We want to pay referral fees to encourage more business, so it is in our interest to pay you.
  • Minimum size is 1,000 sq ft net area.

For further information or to make an introduction:

Douglas Dunkerley
Douglas Dunkerley
M +65 9765 3023

No agent fees payable by tenants