Why Office Tenants Use Us

Not all Agents are the same - You need to know the difference.

3 Reasons Why Tenants Use Corporate Locations

Trust That we source every opportunity

That we source every opportunity

We source every opportunity, not just what is generally known in the market. Our forensic approach to finding office space is strengthened through our 'direct marketing' i.e. we know who is moving/what space is coming available, even before the landlord does.

Trust That we present every opportunity

That we present every opportunity

We present every opportunity conflict free i.e. we don't act for any landlords to promote specific units. We are completely impartial, ignore fee incentives and highlight all suitable space, even when we might not be remunerated. We are happy to co-broke with other agents.

Trust That we will find the solution

That we will find the solution

Every case is handled by a senior experienced negotiator and not delegated to junior staff, ensuring that we will find the optimum solution to your office needs. We often have to improvise to find the best solution and that takes experience and flair for problem solving.

Market Knowledge

Total Coverage

  • Many office leasing agents just rely only on Landlord's listings, which covers just part of the office rental market.
  • Our direct marketing system gives us first-hand knowledge of everyone who is moving. Therefore we often know before the landlord does, what office space for rent will be coming available in his building

Not All agents are the same

We offer total transparency

  • Essential every opportunity is considered.
  • We introduce all office rental options, co-broking with other commercial property consultants when necessary, disregard fee incentives and even covering those options that maybe owned by your current landlord.
  • Some agents are retained by the landlord / developer -we decline such instructions to avoid any possible conflict in securing the best deal for the tenant.

Best in Class

Market Specialists

  • Multi-discipline agencies cover all markets from residential, retail, industrial to office space but can't be masters of all
  • We specialize in just one market, the Singapore Office Rental Market - stick with an expert.


We are problem solvers

  • Companies rely on us to find office for rent that will be the solution to their most challenging requirements.
  • Forensic approach to finding the answers -no stone unturned.

Open Appointment

There is no need to appoint an exclusive agent, it is not in your interest

  • Informal preferred acting status is all we seek.
  • Other agents not precluded from introducing options to you.
  • Safeguards that every opportunity is presented to the tenant


We are truly Impartial

  • Unbiased towards any particular building or landlord -we don't act for any landlrods or developer yet cover every building.
  • Conflict free presentation of all competing schemes and commercial space for rent.


We are tenants too

  • When reviewing office space for rent, we ask ourselves what would we do in your situation?
  • All our advice backed up with thorough analysis and details all tenants need.