September 2022

Singapore Office Market Forecast

September 2022 Singapore Office Market Forecast

It is anticipated that rental rates (currently $12 - $13.50 per sq ft) could advance by as much as 5% - 8% over the course of 2023. Landlords are less flexible with their rental negotiations and rent-free holidays are almost a thing of the past. Such rental holidays were usually part of any rental package negotiated, but these days they are disguised in the form of extended rent-free fitting out periods, that are outside the lease term.

Not only are base rents expected to firm, but it is widely anticipated that service charges will be increased due the surge in energy prices and likely increases in property tax. This could in effect, be a double whammy for businesses and will affect all tenants, even those in the middle of their lease terms and not just new tenants. Typical service charges range from $1.00 to $1.25 per sq ft (which are always included in the gross rental). It is expected a significant number of buildings could increase their S/C by 10% - 20% in the next 12 - 18 months, as many have not been adjusted for a long time.

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